Evolution Of Waters - EP

by Valgeir Sigurðsson

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An exclusive EP, only available as album download.
1. Evolution of Waters feat. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (from Ekvílibríum)
2. Baby Architect - Rearranged and performed by Sam Amidon
3. Focal Point - Remixed by Kippi Kanínus

Download also includes the 'Evolution of Waters' official music video directed and animated by Una Lorenzen.


released 01 August 2009



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Track Name: Evolution of Waters - with Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
first of all let me say | love is a wave | is this what I must learn | if her being I am to earn | |

love is a stream | that comes before what we can see | and then goes on in front of me | moving through the country | | once I hoped I could only be | happy when drenched by the sea | it twisted me, I would not flee | but made my heart change | you present yourself as the sea | and I fear the sea | |

love is a stream | that sometimes flows inside of me | first it's black and the it's green | a merwolfs dream | love is a stream | ending in the sea | you are the sea | you always were | | I'm not sure of it | I'm not sure of love | I'm not sure of me | I'm not sure of me | I hate this fear | I hate fear | I hate the sea | |

love is a stream | that sometimes is inside of me | first it's black and the it's blue | flowing cleanly around you | | the bed was boat and you and me | the room afloat and tossed so violently | you disappeared into the scenery | like huckle's raft I'm freed to be | and as a source and as an end | we are what we have always been | |

love is a stream | a fountain of what we deem | descendant drinking branching stream | you are the sea you always were | love is a stream | it is not what we see | it comes from somewhere else | and it goes to somewhere else |

by Will Oldham