released September 11, 2007

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Valgeir Sigurðsson

Additional recording / studio assistant Sturla ‘Míó’ Þórisson
Score preparation Nico Muhly
Mixed and mastered at Greenhouse Studios, Reykjavík
Recorded at Greenhouse Studios / various studios and random locations.
Thanks to everyone who provided a space!

Paintings by Merrilee Challiss
Image processing by Sturla ‘Míó’ Þórisson
Portrait photograhy by Charlie Strand
Graphic design by Ritxi /  www.iikki.com Acknowledgments: Ben Frost -for listening, reflecting and pushing me. Sigga Sunna -fyrir hjartað og jafnvægið. Míó -fyrir allt, alltaf. Gabríel Dagur -ofurhetja. Nico -for the spark and mastery. Will Oldham -for encouraging and transcending. Stephen Budd & Jo Beckett -for the unconditional support. Björk -fyrir Fókus og innblástur. Fjölskylda, vinir, friends & collaborators through the years, everyone who contributed to this album: TAKK+THANK YOU!!!